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"The controlled anxiety of the present is captured brilliantly by this wary, lucid book. We live in an era when our humanness is worn down--by virtual beings, bots, synced devices, battery life, data, radiation, sulfates, and lead--so we must practice mindfulness to keep from losing track of who we are. This brave, tough book suggests that flowering maples, yoga, orcas, and the hands of our mothers might help us preserve our innocence. Human Resources is a lyric transcript of what it is to be a citizen at a punishing time." --Henri Cole

"The lyric explorations in Stevenson's beautifully discriminating book--of self and soul, femininity and society, the peculiarities and intricacies of 'design' within nature and culture--are stunned, fine-minded testimonies. In a time of cold virtual ecosystems and lightweight psychological theories and remedies, Human Resources speaks for mystery and vulnerability." --Sandra Lim

"Unputdownable, tender, funny, eerie, and utterly singular--Human Resources is one of the most exciting poetry books I have read in a long time." --Aria Aber

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